I have to make a difficult choice. Decide quickly. 我必须做一个艰难的选择。那就是迅速做出决定。

If I were you, I wouldn’t worry about it. 如果我是你,我不会为此而担忧。

They worked hard at whatever they did, but they had a sense of achievement. 无论做什么,他们都很努力,有一种成就感。

A company should find ways to innovate not just in products but also in functions, business models and processes. 一个公司要寻求的不仅仅是产品创新,还应寻求运营、商业模式和流程方面的创新。

I just trust that the principle of reciprocity is true, and I give what I want. 我相信互利互惠的原则,我想要得到就要付出。

Most successful people are unorthodox persons whose minds wander outside traditional ways of thinking. 大多数成功的人都并非遵循传统之人,他们的思维方式都游离在传统的思维方式之外。

Curriculums — from grammar school to college, should evolve to focus less on memorizing facts and more on creativity and complex communication. 从语法学校到大学的课程,都应该逐渐发展,更多地注重创新和复杂的交流,而不是把重点放在记忆事实上。

Gradually it became dark outside. The rain was still beating on the windows, and I could hear the wind in the trees. 外面的天渐渐黑了。雨点仍然拍打着窗户,还可以听到风在树枝间呼啸。

Almost all companies recognize the importance of innovation today. 如今,几乎所有的公司都知道创新的重要性。

I wish you well. You have my best wishes. 我祝福你。向你致以最好的祝愿。

Too much happiness can be destructive. 乐极也会生悲。

If you can speak the language, it’s easier to get to know the country and its people. 如果会说当地语言,了解这个国家和人民就会更加容易。

Truly my favorite part is to see the kids jumping up and down and they just get so excited. 我最喜欢的就是看着孩子们兴奋地蹦蹦跳跳。

People are curious by nature. 人类天性好奇。

They believed in goodness, in community, and helping one another. 他们信仰美德,信仰团体,信仰互助。

In my line of work, I receive a lot of emails. I also send a lot of emails. 在我的职业生涯中,我收到过不少电子邮件,也发出去不少。

Your joy for life, transmitted wherever you took your smile, and the sparkle in those unforgettable eyes. 你对生活的欣喜,通过你的微笑和你令人难忘的双眸中的闪光,传遍了你的所到之处。

Use your voice to speak out for what’s right. 用你的影响力去为正义发声。

All kinds of myths surround the lives of well-known people. 名人的生活总是被各种各样的荒诞故事所围绕。

Demand is rising rapidly, because of the world’s increasing population and expanding industry. 需求量正在激增,因为整个世界人口急剧增长,工业规模不断扩大。

If I could go back in history and live when I liked, I wouldn’t go back very far. 如果我能回到过去并生活在我喜欢的年代,我不会选很久以前。

You might imagine the job you will get when you finish school. 你可能会设想自己毕业后从事的工作。

We often use slang expressions when we talk, because they are so vivid and colorful. 我们说话时会经常使用俚语,因为俚语很生动、很丰富多彩。

You need to recognize each step of progress you take towards achieving your goals. 你成功路上的每一点进步都值得自己的认可。

With a lot of hard work and a good education, anything is possible. 只要你愿意努力工作,努力接受教育,任何事情都是可能的。

Think of an email as a letter. Spelling, grammar and punctuation should not be overlooked. 把编辑电子邮件当成在写信,拼写、语法、标点都不应忽视。

The ability to work well with others and collaborate on projects is a sought-after ability in nearly every position. 对于任何职位,与他人保持良好的合作关系,可以进行有效的项目合作,这些对职场人来说都是倍受追捧的能力。

I like to collect bits and pieces from different parts of the world. 我喜欢在世界各地搜集点点滴滴的东西。

I have to make a difficult choice. Decide quickly. 我必须做一个艰难的选择。那就是迅速做出决定。

A well-organized essay will group similar ideas together and put them in the proper order. 一篇条理清晰的文章会把相似的观点组织在一起,并按适当的顺序排列。

Wherever you go and for whatever reason, it’s important to be safe. 不论你去哪,因为什么原因,安全都很重要。